Empire.Kred LIVE The Recordings

Empire.Kred members shared their thoughts and expertise in our first LIVE event which took place on both Blab and Firetalk video chat systems.

The live events were well attended and viewers interacted with our knowledgeable guests.

01 Build Your Audience with Empire.Kred Missions

in this first session of the Empire.Kred LIVE weekend Ruud Reijmerink and I discussed Missions.

We started with an explanation missions and their place in promoting you business or cause

We chatted about creating good missions which will be well received , Ruud gave plenty of insights into strategy and shared a wealth of tips and tricks.

Great content needs a great audience. Ruud Reijmerink shares proven strategies he uses to reach new people and keep followers engaging.

Hosted by Steven Healey

Ruud on Empire.Kred http://empire.kred/RREIJMERINK

02 The A,B,C’s of Empire.Kred Missions 

In this second very enjoyable Empire.Kred LIVE event Knikkolette discussed the best approach to missions for new players.

In the video you will find many hints and tips which will help you make a good start on Empire.Kred

Start at the beginning. What is a mission? Why would you run one? Who does them? How do you stand out? Knikkolette Church introduces you to the Empire.Kred “mission” – a powerful tool for introducing your content to people who share your interests.

Hosted by Steven Healey

Knikkolette on Empire.Kred http://empire.kred/KNIKKOLETTEFI

03  Social Media + Social Selling = RESULTS

Weekend conversation with Keith Gill and several guests exploring the impact of Social Media on the sales profession. We covered some innovative ideas about LinkedIn, Twitter and how using Empire.Kred can and should be an integral part of your social selling activities.

Hosted by Miles Austin

Keith Gill on Empire.Kred  https://www.empire.kred/DIGITALKEITH

04 Talking Twitter Masterclass with Nicky Kriel and Gary Loper

Hosting a show you want to create an entertaining informative fun show for your guests and everyone watching .. this is the closest i have been to that goal

Nicky and Gary over the course of the talk became so involved in the converation that they brought Twitter to life

If you are looking how you can make Twtter part of your marketing mix then Nicky and Gary have created the perfect masterclass here

Thank you both 🙂

Hosted by Steven Healey

Nicky Kriel on Empire.Kred http://empire.kred/NICKYKRIEL

Gary Loper on Empire.Kred http://empire.kred/GLL

Our thanks go to our hosts , our guests , our wonderful engaged audience and to the team who organised and promoted the weekends events

We will be back , if you would like to be involved in future shows contact Steven or Nance


Fireworks over the Empire

Today  sees the launch of the latest Empire.Kred extravaganza  to celebrate the events of the weekend.

Starts today at 8:00 pm ET and runs through to the 5th July ,

There are two parts to the celebration

You can send SPARKLERS to your friends on Empire.Kred so that they can light them in celebration of the weekends events , everyone you send a sparkler to will also receive eaves .

Note : Please do not light the sparklers before you send them !!

The second part is the hunt for Sparkling clues scattered throughout the site by Squirrel , the Empire.Kred moderators and friends , You will find them on missions and in the forums.

Crack the clue , find the matching member profile and post your answer on their timeline. If you have the correct answer and the correct profile you will earn a reward .

At the moment it is a bit of a mystery  but I am sure all will become clear over the weekend.

All that remains for me to say is ‘Enjoy the weekend’s celebrations and Good Luck’

Empire Kred Blogathon Peoples Choice #EmpireKred #Blogathon


BIG Thank you to everyone who entered

Paul Finkelstein Edust Use empire.kred here’s why EKB14 Link 
Kornelia Santoro KORNELIASAN

Empire Kred the place to be EKB03 Link
Avil Beckford AVILBECKFORD Read it, Learn it, Analyze it, Apply it EKB01 Link
Sally K. Witt SALLYKWITT Why Should You Join #EmpireKred NOW??? November is exciting!! EKB02  Link
Joseph L Rosenberg CPAJOE The new empire.kred EKB04  Link 
Sergio Medeiros SERGIOSPEAKS Give New Meaning to Your Life and Find Joy with this Prime Strategy EKB05 Link
Nicky Kriel NICKYKRIEL How Empire.Kred increased my Klout score EKB06  Link
DES Daughter Network DESDAUGHTER The Full Frost Moon 20th FullMoonEngageMe Social Media Event on EmpireKred EKB07  Link
Joseph L Rosenberg CPAJOE Planning for year-end and for the new year to come EKB 18 /19  Link
Avil Beckford AVILBECKFORD Time Management Techniques – Which is Right for You? EKB20  Link
Linda Fieth ELBEEFEETH The Empire Strikes EKB08 Link
Instituto Espanol Second Life IESL Can Empire.Kred Help Virtual World Content Creators? EKB13 Link
Joseph L Rosenberg CPA CPAJOE Costs Associates with Purchase and Sales of Stock in Empire.Kred. EKB10 Link
Joseph L Rosenberg CPAJOE When to Sell Shares on Empire.Kred EKB11  Link
Joseph L. Rosenberg CPAJOE Missions at Empire.Kred EKB12 Link
Michael Q Todd MICHAELQTODD Strategy. How I got my Empire Kred price to about 2400 and get daily benefit from it EKB09 Link
Michael Skinner MASKINNER Creating the Sweet Sticky Rainbow Brand with Empire Kred EKB15  Link 
Buddy Hodges WEBMENTOR Why Invest in the Social Stock Market? EKB16  Link
Robert Zarywacz ROBERTZ It can be lonely in the crowd cloud, so find friends on #EmpireKred EKB17  Link
Joseph L Rosenberg CPAJOE My Review of Linkedin in December, 2015 EKB21  Link
Joseph L Rosenberg CPAJOE 2015 Year End Tax Planning EKB22  Link 
Philippe Trebaul PTREBAUL How to write your first post on LinkedIn? EKB23  Link
Helen Rittersporn HELENSSTUDIO Keep Moving Celebrating Dick Van Dykes 90th Birthday! EKB25  Link
Avil Beckford AVILBECKFORD Taki Moore: Running Successful Webinars EKB24  Link
Stuart Crawford INKBOTDESIGN 6 Tips for Strengthening Brand Reputation EKB26  Link
Matthew Carpenter (e)PASTORFLBC A Christian’s Guide to Social Media EKB27  Link


Blog EKB19 (not shown above) “Empire.Kred Thanksgiving” was entered by Joseph L. Rosenberg Link

If you click on the link you can read the blog post on the entrants website. 

Each vote MUST have a valid Empire.Kred ticker !!


Taki Moore: Running Successful Webinars #EmpireKred #BlogAThon Entry EKB24

The twenty fourth entry in Blogathon 2015 is from Avil Beckford from Toronto and a member of Empire.Kred since August 2013


Taki Moore: Running Successful Webinars

Don’t you just love it when things come together? I was listening to a webinar on SEO when the speaker, Stephan Spencer, mentioned the Four Forces. I was intrigued and wanted to learn more about the concept. After some research, I found the podcast, “Webinar Masterclass with Taki Moore” and decided to listen to it. Hosted by Barry Moore, host of The Active Marketer podcasts, the Webinar Masterclass with Taki Moore is a goldmine – there is so much practical information to apply. I spent a good four hours applying the new information. Taki Moore speaks too quickly, so you’ll have to listen very carefully, or listen to the podcast more than once.

Although the podcast is about running successful webinars, you can apply the information to other products and services, which is exactly what I did. Before Taki Moore got down to business, he used a quote that was very profound, “Create a framework before you do any work.” A framework is some kind of system, and the most successful people have systems in place that contribute significantly to their success. Do you have a framework that you use in your business? I am busy updating The Invisible Mentor System.

You can read the full blog post here 


How to write your first post on LinkedIn? #EmpireKred #BlogAThon Entry EKB 23

The twenty third  entry in Blogathon 2015 is from Philippe Trebaul from Rennes France , a member of Empire.Kred since Janurary 2013


How to write your first post on LinkedIn?

How to publish a great article on Linkedin to generate much more traffic to your profile?

Since February 2015 every Linkedin user who has choosen to display its profile in the English language has been in capacity to publish an article on LinkedIn.

At this time, LinkedIn has limited this functionality « Publish » for this language only. It means that, if you are French, Spanish, and so on, you just have to change your parameters by choosing « English » to be able to publish on the platform.

Why to publish and which advantage will you be able to take from this feature?

You are certainly used to posting updates on LinkedIn. Nevertheless, you need to know that by publishing an article you will drive 4 times more traffic to your profile because:

  • An update is very limited in the time (staying displayed about 3 hours and half, only) ;
  • A blog post on Linkedin appears directly, and durably, between the 2 main sections of your profile : your short description and your current job which you want to attract attention to;
  • By publishing, you will be able to share your article on many Social Networks (directly from Linkedin on : linkedIn of course, and also Facebook and Twitter; indirectly by posting the url of your post onto every Social Network : Google Plus, Scoop.it, Yammer, but also Reddit, Stumble Upon…and so on) ;

You can read the full blog post here 




It can be lonely in the crowd cloud, so find friends on #EmpireKred #BlogAThon Entry EKB17

The seventeenth  entry in Blogathon 2015 is from Robert Zarywacz from lfracombe, North Devon, a member of Empire.Kred since April 2011



It can be lonely in the crowd cloud, so find friends on #EmpireKred

Especially when you’re not the noisiest of people.

And there is a lot of noise on the internet.

Many internet users lurk, staying in the background reading and viewing content, but never actually saying anything themselves or commenting. I suppose it’s because, as in real life, loud people can intimidate quieter ones and some people don’t have the confidence to speak.

I’m quiet, but I’m also confident to speak when I want to. Also, I don’t want to waste my time or energy on the petty squabbles that we see grow into massive, pointless online arguments. I’m a doer, rather than a talker and much prefer action to meetings and discussions.

You can read the full blog post here 

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Can Empire.Kred Help Virtual World Content Creators? #EmpireKred #BlogAThon Entry EKB13

The thirteenth  entry in Blogathon 2015 is from Instituto Espanol Second Life from Dallas, Texas , a member of Empire.Kred since September 2010



Empire.Kred is a social media scoring engine with a gamification twist. If you are unfamiliar with social media scoring systems, Klout is probably the industry standard. These scoring engines use enormous databases of social media participants and a variety of algorithms to arrive at scores that users can then use to compare their social media performance against other folks overall and in their sectors of influence. Kred is an Australian based competitor of Klout. In 2015, Kred acquired a smaller social media scoring engine called Empire Avenue. The Empire Avenue gaming format has been retained by Kred and I’d like virtual world content creators to take a look.

EmpireKred has gamified social media scoring by twisting in a replicated stock market. Players earn game currency called Eaves (much like a Linden Dollar but with no cash value)from dividend income created by investments that they make in the stock portfolios of the other players. Participants then continue to increase wealth by reinvesting their earnings in the membership or by spending their profits on a product called missions. Missions are a request that other players will visit your website, blog, g+, Youtube, flickr, instagram, pinterest, etc, and interact with likes, comments, votes, retweets, etc, when they visit your destination. You create a mission by spending some of yours Eavs and publishing a description of what you’d like the other members to do. These players then earn their Eav reward by accepting your mission with a click that sends them to whatever it is that you want them to see.

You can read the full blog post here 

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