Connect-a-Palooza: Friend, Fan, Follow


Get ready for four full days of connecting all across social media! Connect-a-Palooza is all about fan, follow, friend. Look for people who share your interests, buy their shares, connect with them on your favorite networks, and like and share their content.

Empire.Kred recognizes 8 networks for scoring. Connect-a-Palooza includes a few others that are used by players, so this is your chance to expand your networks everywhere.

To play:

  1. Request to join the Connect-a-Palooza Community
  2. Come back at 10 a.m. ET on July 29th. (That’s 14:00 UTC).
  3. Add your name and username to threads for each social network you use.
  4. You can get ready by putting a list together of all your social networks.
  5. INCLUDE TOPICS YOU POST ABOUT along with your link.  If you tweet mainly about TV and celebrities, say so. Or, if you tweet mainly about social media and leadership, say that. Taking time to add a brief description will help you connect with people who share your interests.
  6. Preliminary list of networks includes: Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, You Tube, Swarm by FourSquare,, Google Plus, Facebook Fan Page, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest.

Full squirrel

Sir Rudiger will deliver special achievements to players who excel during Connect-a-Palooza. Are you a top influencer? The more generously you ConnectUP, the more likely Sir Rudiger is to give you an award. Run a lot of invest missions? Play passionately? Most engage new player? Sir Rudiger hasn’t announced how he will select winners, but those are the kinds of things that have caught his attention in past events.





Last day: get one pie free when you buy 5 on sale

EA-Pie-Icon-x5Sir Rudiger announced a special sale: buy 5 pies between 1 and 69 during PieFest and he’ll give you ONE free!  Get the details here.

At pie 70 or above? Buy 71-73 on sale and get pie 74 for $1. Only during PieFest. 

Check out sales on eaves, portfolio, Even More Desserts, and much more before PieFest ends at midnight PT on July 26.



New Players: Guide to #FullMoonEngageMe

New to Empire.Kred or to #FullMoonEngageMe?  Here’s everything you need to play and connect with social media influencers across social media.


WHERE: Full Thunder Moon thread in the EAv Gangstas Community

WHEN: July 16 3 AM EDT ’til July 20, 2016 Midnight EDT

WHAT: 5 full days of networking and connecting across social media


Empire.Kred LIVE The Recordings


Empire.Kred members shared their thoughts and expertise in our first LIVE event which took place on both Blab and Firetalk video chat systems.

The live events were well attended and viewers interacted with our knowledgeable guests.

01 Build Your Audience with Empire.Kred Missions

in this first session of the Empire.Kred LIVE weekend Ruud Reijmerink and I discussed Missions.

We started with an explanation missions and their place in promoting you business or cause

We chatted about creating good missions which will be well received , Ruud gave plenty of insights into strategy and shared a wealth of tips and tricks.

Great content needs a great audience. Ruud Reijmerink shares proven strategies he uses to reach new people and keep followers engaging.

Hosted by Steven Healey

Ruud on Empire.Kred

02 The A,B,C’s of Empire.Kred Missions 

In this second very enjoyable Empire.Kred LIVE event Knikkolette discussed the best approach to missions for new players.

In the video you will find many hints and tips which will help you make a good start on Empire.Kred

Start at the beginning. What is a mission? Why would you run one? Who does them? How do you stand out? Knikkolette Church introduces you to the Empire.Kred “mission” – a powerful tool for introducing your content to people who share your interests.

Hosted by Steven Healey

Knikkolette on Empire.Kred

03  Social Media + Social Selling = RESULTS

Weekend conversation with Keith Gill and several guests exploring the impact of Social Media on the sales profession. We covered some innovative ideas about LinkedIn, Twitter and how using Empire.Kred can and should be an integral part of your social selling activities.

Hosted by Miles Austin

Keith Gill on Empire.Kred

04 Talking Twitter Masterclass with Nicky Kriel and Gary Loper

Hosting a show you want to create an entertaining informative fun show for your guests and everyone watching .. this is the closest i have been to that goal

Nicky and Gary over the course of the talk became so involved in the converation that they brought Twitter to life

If you are looking how you can make Twtter part of your marketing mix then Nicky and Gary have created the perfect masterclass here

Thank you both:)

Hosted by Steven Healey

Nicky Kriel on Empire.Kred

Gary Loper on Empire.Kred

Our thanks go to our hosts , our guests , our wonderful engaged audience and to the team who organised and promoted the weekends events

We will be back , if you would like to be involved in future shows contact Steven or Nance


Empire.Kred LIVE! Players share secrets of success


Empire.Kred LIVE! connects you with top players and social media experts who will share the tips and tricks you need to build YOUR influence.  (Interested in leading a session, a podcast, or a tweetup? Scroll down to find out how to get involved.)  All sessions are FREE and are presented by Empire.Kred players. Join us to get answers, support your fellow players, and share your insights!

Build Your Audience with Empire.Kred Missions
Great content needs a great audience. Ruud Reijmerink shares proven strategies he uses to reach new people and keep followers engaging. 
Moderated by Steven Healey.
JULY 8, 2016 11:00 am ET  Claim your free ticket

The A,B,C’s of Empire.Kred Missions
Start at the beginning. What is a mission? Why would you run one? Who does them? How do you stand out? Knikkolette Church introduces you to the Empire.Kred “mission” – a powerful tool for introducing your content to people who share your interests. Moderated by Steven Healey.
JULY 9, 2016 11:00 am ET  Claim your free ticket

Swarm, Foursquare, and your Empire.Kred score
Unlock the secrets of Swarm and Foursquare with Karen Shelton, Skip Bieber, and Steven Healey. You can ask questions and get involved live on air. Moderated by Steven Healey.
JULY 10, 2016 3:00 pm ET  Claim your free ticket

Social Media + Social Selling = RESULTS
Empire.Kred helps you connect with influencers who share your interests. Together, you increase your social media reach.  Now what? Keith Gill shows you how social media can lead to social SALES.  Moderated by Miles Austin.
JULY 10, 2016 4:00 pm ET  Sign up here 

Target Twitter to Grow Your Influence
Discover how to get people to engage with your tweets. Nicky Kriel and Gary Loper join Steven Healey to share effective techniques. Join the conversation on air or by chat. Moderated by Steven Healey.
JULY 11, 2016 12:00 pm ET  Claim your free ticket

Everything You Need to Know About Your Kred Score
You know your Kred score is actually two numbers, one for influence and one for outreach. How is it calculated? What does it mean? Kred expert, Katie Morris joins us from Sydney to share what it means – and how Empire.Kred can help you build both influence and outreach.   Moderated by Miles Austin.

CALLING ALL SPEAKERS, TRAINERS, AND EXPERT PLAYERS! We have a few spots left for speakers to join Empire.Kred LIVE this weekend. Plus, we may continue the series with events throughout the summer.

If you can: explain social stocks to a new player… have tips for players looking to grow… can explain the Leader Package benefits… or have expertise in a social media channel measured by Empire.Kred (especially Facebook, YouTube, or Google+) WE NEED YOU!

Join a panel discussion, be interviewed in a casual live stream, present a webinar, host a podcast or TweetUp, or facilitate a discussion! Contact us today.

Action-packed July On Empire.Kred

Get ready for an action-packed month on Empire.Kred. More events, new game upgrades, and so much more. Here’s a preview:
Log in now and see how many sparklers you’ve received!
Sir Rudiger is BACK and helping players get achievements. Join the clue hunters and collect achievements worth over 12 million eaves during Fireworks Over the Empire.
July 8-11
Unlock the Secrets of Empire.Kred

Top players reveal how to use the game to power your social media success

Join us for live events and more.
Volunteer to run a session on:
  • your favorite Empire.Kred feature (stocks, communities, leaders)
  • how favorite social media network (best practices and tips on how to interpret and raise your Empire.Kred score.)
Experienced interviewing, managing webcasts, or coordinating online event logistics? Email to volunteer to help manage and promote the event.
July 14 
Bastille Day
Surprises in store.
July 16-20
Throw a pie, say hi, and connect with players across social media.
July 22-26
3rd Annual PieFest
You can never have enough pie
July 29-August 1   
Empire.Kred: The Force Reborn
Let’s introduce the new game to old friends – and new
And that’s not all… coming in July!
* New Dividend Doubler for leaders on sale now
* Special Fast Start package for new players coming soon
* New low everyday prices on eaves in shop now
* Affiliate Program to relaunch and open for applications later this month
* Watch for big eaves bonuses for inviting friends
Log in nowmark your calendar for special events and connect with players all  around social media.

Fireworks over the Empire


Today  sees the launch of the latest Empire.Kred extravaganza  to celebrate the events of the weekend.

Starts today at 8:00 pm ET and runs through to the 5th July ,

There are two parts to the celebration

You can send SPARKLERS to your friends on Empire.Kred so that they can light them in celebration of the weekends events , everyone you send a sparkler to will also receive eaves .

Note : Please do not light the sparklers before you send them !!

The second part is the hunt for Sparkling clues scattered throughout the site by Squirrel , the Empire.Kred moderators and friends , You will find them on missions and in the forums.

Crack the clue , find the matching member profile and post your answer on their timeline. If you have the correct answer and the correct profile you will earn a reward .

At the moment it is a bit of a mystery  but I am sure all will become clear over the weekend.

All that remains for me to say is ‘Enjoy the weekend’s celebrations and Good Luck’