Purchasing Eaves with Real Money

Last night we enabled the ability for you to purchase our virtual currency “Eaves” with real money. To do this, simply go to “The Shop” and choose “Purchase Eaves.” Choose the amount of Eaves, click Buy, and you’ll be directed to PayPal, where you can complete the transaction. But wait… you might note that our implementation is slightly different.

Our goal with purchasing Eaves is to allow anyone to have the ability to get a few more Eaves to do something they want to do without waiting for their daily virtual investment earnings and such. We did not want to provide a mechanism for unbalancing the game mechanics or the economy of Empire Avenue. As such you might notice that there are limits to purchasing Eaves.

* Absolute new Influencers (“Fresh Faces”) are not permitted to buy Eaves.
* “Newbies” are only allowed to purchase a maximum of 5,000 Eaves in a single 30-day period.
* As you progress through the User Experience Achievements, you reach the maximum purchase amount of 15,000 Eaves in a single 30-day period.

This means that if you decide to purchase Eaves for a task (such as unlocking an Achievement, Upgrade or claiming a Reward) you will have to think carefully, as you will only be able to get that boost once a month.

How you choose to use these Eaves is entirely up to you, but use them wisely! A good investment in a good Influencer or an upgrade could mean an even better return in the future!


  1. I’d like the option to purchase an upgrade, not purchase the eaves themselves.

    Having the ability to purchase your “lowest level” upgrade once per month would be much more enticing than purchasing eaves.

  2. I want to know when we can buy Eave t-shirts, coffe mugs, hats, etc.. like shirts with cool graphs on them, or better yet personalized tickers on the stuff.

    I think you need to “super poke” Tom on that. 😉

    Yeah, you can send my cut to (e)LAT.

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