A new type of achievement!

Well then, this will be interesting. We’re going to be trying something new this coming Monday, June 13th.

I’ve been invited to join the Social CMO in a chat on Twitter about Empire Avenue. For those unfamiliar, many groups hold public chats on Twitter using a hashtag in common. For example, in this case every tweet will end in the hashtag “#MMChat”. If you can follow that chat you will be able to see a conversation stream with people communicating around the world.

Having met and talked to Jeff Ashcroft, the host of MMChat whilst in Toronto, we thought this was a brilliant time to try a new Empire Avenue feature. If you participate in #MMChat on Twitter during the Chat times on Monday June 13th, you will get an achievement on Empire Avenue.

Yes. Participate in the Twitter Chat, and you get an achievement!

How does this work?
Well, the #MMChat starts at 8pm Eastern Time and the achievement will be given out until 10pm Eastern Time. Have an account on Empire Avenue before then, have your Twitter account connected before then, and make sure you participate in the chat. Simple.

You say, wow, cool, how can I get in on creating & hosting a chat and having an achievement? We’ll roll out some instructions on how you will be able to get approval for community chats soon, but if anyone is interested in contacting us about these kind of unique achievements, well, we’re open for business. Contact us at bizdev@empireavenue.com

To recap:

What: Twitter Chat Achievement
When: 8-10pm Eastern Time, Monday, June 13th
Where:  Twitter.com
Hashtag: #MMChat
How: Prior to 8pm Eastern, have your Empire Avenue account connected to your Twitter account. And participate in the chat using the #MMChat hashtag.

More details on #MMChat available here: http://www.thesocialcmo.com/blog/2010/07/meet-marketermonday-greats-on-mmchat/


  1. I’m all for introducing new features and advancements to the site, but I believe this is a little unfair. The site advertises itself as global and yet those of us not in an appropriate timezone have little opportunity to get this achievement.

    Let’s keep the playing field fair, huh?

  2. Hey purpleplanet this is a generic achievement for Twitter Chats so will be available to all on different chats around the world, this initial one is in the east coast but we’re sure one of you will want to run a chat at some point in your timezone 🙂

  3. Nice. Up for this for sure and am sharing it around. Hope you will all join our Twitter chat about Empire Avenue every Tues, Thurs and Sunday 7pm EST #EAVChat. Follow @EAVCHAT for more details!
    Michael Lets get together and feeel allright

  4. Hey Dups!

    Thanks and really looking forward to our #MMchat with you on Monday night at 8:00 pm est and we’re VERY pleased you chose #MMchat as the first tweetchat to receive your new Empire Avenue Chat Achievement!

    Everyone, please note you must be signed up for @EmpireAve before #MMchat starts in order to get this SPECIAL Achievement!

    Hope you can all join us and feel free to buy some shares in e(SCMO) we’re rising like a rocket!


    Jeff Ashcroft

  5. a great feature addition for those that are doing business and using Empire Ave. Wish I could have got in on this for our tweetathon or #bluekey and Michael’s #EAvChat! Excellent possibilities.

  6. Well I missed because of the time zone diff but its nice that we can start such chats too. Lets see what we can do for this part of the world. EAV is getting more interesting day by day 🙂

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