Kickin’ up the Quality Control

Hey all, just a quick update here. Over the next few weeks we’ll be going through blog and RSS connections with an eye toward making sure the connections are properly categorized, and that all blogs fall within our current Blog Approval Guidelines. We have had reports of inconsistent upgrades, and will be looking to address the issue with this pass.

Most of you shouldn’t notice any change, but if you have questions or feel that your blog/RSS status has been adjusted incorrectly, please submit a Support Request.


  1. As someone who connected blogs after the May 25 date, I totally support you in this decision. It makes it VERY difficult for people who are new to EAv, particularly when people’s first reactions are usually just to copy what other people have done.

    I work HARD at providing great content on my blog and sit back simply ASTONISHED that people can somehow have 200+ “blog posts” in a day due to automated feeds running on “specious” accounts.

    Sigh – if that is Empire Avenue, then I don’t want to “play”.

    Thankfully I’ve connected with some great people here too. People who truly desire to help others and give back to the community that is building.

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