Hey all, just a quick blog post to let you know that we’ll be testing a new feature early this week, and about an upcoming change in the shop.

Starting sometime today (Monday), you’ll be wanting to watch your Shareholder Mail, as there could be some free Eaves coming your way.

What you’ll be experiencing (and helping us to test) is the tip of a very large engagement and reward iceberg that the dev team has been slaving over for the last few months; Shareholder Missions.

Here’s how it’ll unfold:
Monday: Select beta testers have graciously agreed to help us test this with their shareholders, by sending out a *special* Shareholder Mail or three.

Monday – Tuesday: Shareholder Mail will be delivered and received, hopefully bug free.

Tuesday: Test ends. We start reviewing and implementing comments and suggestions from you and the test team.

Shortly Thereafter!
Once we go through all the feedback and comments (got some? Send ’em here), we’ll roll the feature out to everyone, in a very special way, which will also get you some free Eaves.

The Launch
When we turn on Shareholder Missions for everyone (hopefully on Wednesday), it’ll be announced through the official Empire Avenue (e)EAV account and will be accompanied by free Eaves!

To participate, and receive this special Shareholder Mission, you have to be a shareholder in (e)EAV .

It’s that simple. Invest in (e)EAV and you’ll be notified as soon as Shareholder Missions are live. And get free Eaves!

In the meantime, watch your Shareholder Mail, someone you’ve invested in may have some free Eaves for you πŸ˜‰

Winter’s Coming…
Yep, that season of snow is on its way, (at least for those of us in the Northern hemisphere),Β which means you won’t have much use for the Summer Luxury Items soon. And we need to clean out some space in our ‘virtual warehouse’.

So, if you’ve been planning to pick up a Fun Shiny Warm Day Item, then you better hurry . Rudiger assures me that we’ll be out of stock on summer items on October 27th!


  1. I’m loving it so far. I’m definitely making some eaves from it! Only downfall I see right now is, I don’t see a way to verify they are doing what is actually asked… Once they click the button, they get the eaves even if they don’t do it…

  2. I applaud anything which makes the game more interesting and engaging, However I am afraid that this may increase the time needed to play the game as I really like to read share-holder mail. And I get to them all eventually.

    Now there may be hundreds of shareholder mailings per day and if this happens I fear that I may may have to ignore most of them > and I really don’t want to do that but “time cost vs. benefit has to be considered.

    A great intuitive in the main as it offers the opportunity for new and low-cash players to earn a little more to invest and grow, I hope the beta goes well. Looking forward to how this pans-out.

    Enjoy the game – Mick

  3. This is extremely ideologically problematic for EAv. I’ll try to illustrate with a different hypothetical.

    Suppose there were rings of people who independently determined that they would pay people to like/friend/comment/RT their content so they could improve their EAv scores, etc., These rings would be seen as extremely shady, if not downright illegal. And if they didn’t break any technical rules behind EAv, most people would consider them to break the spirit of EAv (e.g., EAv grades your social networking, but if your social networking is engineered/bought, then what is the point?)

    That hypothetical only works out that way because there is ambiguity about what EAv would think about that behavior. In the vacuum of any official policy, people would naturally develop moral intuitions about that behavior.

    But now, Shareholder Missions are an official condoning of this sort of social network activity buying.

    However, I think I understand why EAv is trying to make this a feature (and why this is frustrating the attempts of many of the people who have used it in beta). It seems like a really easy feature to monetize…if you click the link, then you will view the link. So, for someone who has advertising based on people who visit a site, this would be great. The problem is, a lot of people don’t want people just to visit the link…they want them to like it, to friend them, to connect, etc., etc., It (fortunately) doesn’t seem as if EAv tracks that yet.

    …the other problem with the Shareholder missions is, as Mick pointed out, the fact that shareholder mails throw the information:signal ratio for shareholder mail out of whack. It would be interesting to see how many people will turn off mail completely to avoid it…

  4. Hey all, sorry for the quietness on my part. We’ve had a very busy week juggling all sorts of cats, and, as you know, cat juggling is very very tricky.

    Re: Verification or validation that folk are actually ‘doing’ the mission, and the other comments actually. Stay tuned, some of what’s said above is planned. This is just the first step of a much larger feature plan.

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