Sneak Peek: The screen shot says it all

Inside of a week or so, your view of Empire Avenue will look something like this; the first phase of a look-and-feel update for Empire Avenue.

Currently a small cadre of testers are working with the new interface and providing feedback as we prepare to roll it out.

So? What do you think? A little more real estate for the important things; moved ticker bar, and a dropdown system. Lots to pack into one update ‘eh?


  1. I’m surprised at how little the icons tell me about what to expect from them, or about how counterintuitive they are about what to expect from them.

    I only guess that the icons next to share price, money in the bank, and wealth mean those things because I’m used to seeing numbers in those ranges for those figures.

    But as for the notifications…What does a star mean?

    What does an envelope mean? I would have thought that envelopes have something to do with mail…but I’d be wrong, because the envelope points to a profile shout out.

  2. I frequent empire avenue from my iPad and hate drop down boxes! They are hard to use on mobile devices. Also, the scroll bars never appear on the iPad so when you ate trying to scroll through shareholder mail or notifications it’s a pain. Hope you look at fixing these in the future for all of us mobile users.

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