Happy Holidays!

December the 1st is, at least for me, the real start of the holiday season. And lucky for me, many of the Empire Avenue team agree!

So to help get *you* in the holiday spirit, we’ve created a nifty little Luxury Item just for you; the Empire Avenue Advent Calendar.

As with any holiday calendar, any Empire Avenue member that owns the calendar will receive a daily gift, just a little tidbit from us to you.

So head down to the shop, pick it up, and let us help you get in the holiday spirit!


  1. The daily gifts are cute. Where are the powerups? Where is the increased pie? Where is the ability to buy more stocks? I am getting tired of having to sell people daily simply to be able to participate on Empire Avenue. This is a stock buying and selling game and I am limited in that ability. Many others are joining me in this inability to participate fully on a daily basis. When is this going to change? Hello? Is anyone listening? Does anyone hear me?

  2. Thanks all for the kind words on the Advent Calendar items. The team really enjoys reading your comments on them.

    Omar, yep, we’re here and reading *all* your feedback, and we are acting on it. One thing to remember is that when we implement any change, large or small, we have to consider the impact on all players, from the Fresh Face all the way up to the, um, the-level-that-you’re-at-which-we-really-don’t-have-a-name-for-yet. 🙂 We also have to look to the long-term viability of any change. Something casually and quickly introduced today could have an impact down the road that we may not have intended.

    And with that in mind, you can be assured that we *are* working on enhancements that will address all of your above-stated concerns.

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