Project Cleanup Update

Schedule Updated : due to some internal scheduling conflicts we are extending this release until 8am June 27th, 2012 GMT.  Most users will likely begin seeing changes soon but may experience some additional changes during this time.

As posted earlier this week we are working on a clean up and some general house keeping of to help improve the overall consistency and also address some of the issues sent to us by our great community. The roll-out of these changes will occur between 8pm GMT June 25th, 2012 and 8pm GMT June 26th, 2012.  Please check our previous post as well as this one. We would like to re-iterate that these updates are focused mainly on addressing existing issues and improving the consistency of your user experience. To help put this in perspective here are a couple of the subtle changes we are making:

New Modal Dialogs and Inline Alerts.

As you can see we our “modal” windows (those that show up for a message or action – such as investing in someone) will be changing to incorporate new alerts/error/message dialogs.  These alerts will now appear over the page and replace the old popup boxes which you might accidentally click away from or even notice. In addition, we had several types of these popups and used in different ways and will be moving to one consistent look, style and functionality.

New buttons consistency

We are cleaning up old interface elements such as buttons and inline navigation. Our concerns here are not just in consistency but overall user experience for those accessing the site on mobile devices or far-flung places. Moving to new consistent styles, CSS and scripts we will be reducing some of our load times with half the amount of data being served at times!

Old layout - would not fit properly on iPad

New Responsive Layout for mobile

A concern for many in our community was the inability for to be used easily on mobile devices. While the community has access to such great community-built applications such as MyEmpire and EAV Mogul for iOS devices, we wanted to improve the experience on any mobile device at any screen resolution. As such we have implemented a new “Responsive” layout.

As you can see from the screens here, re-sizing the site onto a different type of screen will actually resize and move around the elements. It may not be “perfect” on launch, but we certainly hope it will be better and more user-friendly. We will be improving the usefulness of the responsive layouts with time and feedback from you, our community.

These are but some of the few changes that we will be rolling out. Please again understand, this update will touch almost every page and function of the current As such, we have opted to not put in new features or enhancements. We also anticipate that there will be some bugs that will crop up and we will be working crazily post launching to ensure that they are squashed and fixed.


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  2. The buy screen sucks. Every time I buy shares from either my portfolio or shareholder list, it rolled up. I needed to scroll down to the last position. (This happened when I tried to match investment and apply ‘more dessert’ bonus one by one.)

  3. Bugs:

    -no “X” box to close “share sales” view

    -“public” lists still not available

    -post-purchase shout out screen off center; top cut off, right side cut off

    -no clear designation of home page

    -unfortunate that home page has no screen for mentions

  4. Hi Niall. You’ll receive plenty of ‘bugs’ and ‘requests’ so let me give you some positive reinforcement 🙂 Well done because it does work faster. I like how browsers extra tabs (like for checking profiles or networks) do now open very quickly. Thank you !

  5. I am finding the new system extremely hard to read, The colour combinations are so washed out that I can barely read it. I am already experiencing severe eye strain from the faded pastels. The blue and grey fonts could be darker to improve contrast. Playing the game should not give a player eye strain. Sizing the page up to improve the vision part of the page loses the invest button. Making the page larger by zooming in would help with being able to see the page, but that doesn’t work as the invest button vanishes from the side of the page. The buy and sell from the portfolio doesn’t work very well. I buy shares in my portfolio and then the entire page resets to the top, requiring scrolling back down to find my place again, The previous system held the spot on the page without scroll. It is also very hard to get back to one’s own profile page. Please give the visual aspects of the format some consideration. Thanks.

  6. I’m having viewing issues. My screen is set at 1366 x 768, computer default and i am not seeing all of the site. Problems with when purchasing bonuses, i cant get out of the screen, has to go completely out of the page and reload it. When I buy the pop up screen is out of reach, can invest, but i am missing the top portion of it.

  7. Thank you all for your feedback. And yes we are trying our best to get any adjustments and fixes in as quickly as possible. We have fixed the scrolling issue caused by the buy screen and addressed some issues with the internal message sending as well as a few other things that have shown up.

    I encourage people to submit a bugs, feedback etc. but ask if you do tell us what browser and version you are experiencing the issue with so we can address the them more quickly.


  8. Nance, try a shift+refresh on your browser. I have adjusted the placement a little so you should see some improvement. If its still an issue email me a screen shot to support@ if you could so I can make sure we make any other adjustments.

  9. It’s gotten better since I first looked this morning but in my desktop chrome (latest version) I’m seeing:
    – the e symbol in the Available Bank Balance looks misaligned? A white space across the top at some (but not all) zooms.
    – ‘Completed’ text on mission view buttons runs outside the button
    – The grey text ‘view’ for exhausted missions view buttons is very hard to pick out from that button’s shade of blue
    – the invest dialog issues may all have already been pointed out above, but the slider not fitting, resulting in a horizontal scroll bar there is clunky.
    – On the My Missions tab, basically everything under ‘Active’ seems to have some Right Alignment issues.

    I haven’t tried this on my android yet, but I’m hopeful the mobile experience will be better with the changes!

  10. 1366 x 768 on Chrome. Viewing my own Profile page, why so many navigation bars? The blue navigation bar at the top should be sufficient for direct access to all areas, but in addition we have the
    Expand, Engage, Evaluate bar, and then Profile, Portfolio, Shareholders bar beneath my ticker and profile grey box, and empty white space on the right.

  11. Wow, is it just me or has the scrolling window for the portfolio disappeared? Yesterday I could scroll the right-hand side of the portfolio window (where my portfolio was listed) while keeping the main window where it was, but that function seems to be gone. Now when I scroll down the portfolio to click on a particular stock I have to scroll back up to the top to see the info. VERY inconvenient.

    And I notice that the cool script I was using to tell me where the break even and ROI and other stats were on each stock I owned is now non-functional. Very sad!


  12. Hey Niall I’m using Firefox 13.0 and I have two YouTube Missions on going. They don’t work it says that You need Flash Player 8+ and Javascript enabled to view this video. When I already have Flash Player 8+ and Javascript enabled. I hope this gets fixed soon.

  13. Hey Niall also I just wanted to say that as I said in my last post it’s not my YouTube missions it’s also every YouTube mission with this Problem too saying You need Flash Player 8+ and Javascript enabled to view this video

  14. Changes have made it virtually impossible to use empireavenue on my iPad.
    404 error msg on notifications, problems buying, etc. I use eav on my iPad 90% of the time so I hope the bugs are fixed quickly so I don’t move on to something else.

  15. i still don’t get why you guys use a blog comments section to solicit feedback rather than (say) ‘get satisfaction’

    I still don’t get why the comments are not in disqus

    i still don’t get why you release and seek comments afterward – when so – SO – silent before hand …. particularly after the last changes round about sxsw

    and how do you triangulate the comments here to your users – wouldn’t it be good to automatically know that one set of 400 + stock price people thought one way – and the 50- thought another ? i know you can work that out – bit a system would surely help

  16. I can no longer access information about my portfolio in an acceptable time. This has crippled my ability to analyze my portfolio and make decisions about who to eliminate from my holdings and who to purchase more stock in. This is fundamental to my strategy. I may have to quit playing, such a shame I was really enjoying this. I too have a mobile phone and would like to see functionality on mobile devices, but not if the entire experience is going to be wrecked for everyone on the pc platform.

  17. Hi couple of things you may wish to do… have the lists e.g. gainers… right panel slide independently so we don’t have to scroll the entire page to see an individuals stats. (I think it did that in the past.) Secondly put the date joining or “days in the game” or some notation (a tick) next to the players name in the right hand panel of a list when they are passed the 7 day mark. This is so we can tell if they have passed the 7 day mark so to let us know we are am able increase our holding without having to go to their profile each time to find out! Ric ps update seems pretty cool!

  18. Here is a post I made in missionistas community and a reply that I got. Nothing else to indicate that EAv is going to do anything about this. Maybe no one else thinks this is important??
    Empire has been “upgrading” and things look pretty cool. But what they did yesterday is not cool at all. They have basically DESTROYED a fundamental tool that is pretty much indispensable to my game. I don’t want to quit playing the game, but I may have no choice. I am after all fairly new to social media and am struggling to put an overall strategy in place. This is already very time consuming and I was actually working towards freeing up some time through more efficient use of things. About a week ago I began to pay attention to my portfolio I would go through my shares each day and when I came to a particular stock that I had questions about (maybe it was losing value and I might want to sell my shares or maybe it was one that I should buy more shares) In order to make a good decision on what to do I want to see some information, what is the ROI, is this person active still when did I purchase shares, how has the value fluctuated, ect. Now I have to roll all the way up the screen to see the information, then all the way back down to look to the next one. This cannot work for me and I am sure that I am not the only one. Where can we go to get this addressed? Is there a moderator here somewhere? Now I don’t plan to quit playing any time soon over this. I will definitely try to get things changed. I’ve put a lot of time and effort into this and don’t want to lose everything. I’ve even paid real money at a couple points where I judged that it would be highly advantageous towards bringing my efforts to fruition. And I am struggling in my economic life, yet I would be willing to put forth more money in the future. Empire Avenue is an incredible site with a lot of potential. I guess I’m saying HELP.
    And a reply to this post: I agree. When I go to the drop down to look at my portfolio, I had the same reaction. As klunky as the scrolling window of portfolio stocks was on the right side of the page, it was far more usable than the “new improved” approved which is a simple list you must scroll down to view, and then scroll back up to see the graph, the stats etc. I was hoping that perhaps they made the left side of stats and graph dynamic, that would move down as the user scrolls down to view the lower part of the list. Maybe you can go to Twitter and send a message to @eav_support with the complaint? I am not sure if there is anyother place to leave feedback.

  19. Love aspects of the new look and feel, but there are some areas that are harder to use than before. Can you improve the functionality of the page where we can view our portfolio? As klunky as the scrolling window of portfolio stocks was on the right side of the page, it was far more usable than the “new improved” version which is a simple list you must scroll down to view, and then scroll back up to see the graph, the stats etc. I was hoping that perhaps you made the left side of stats and graph dynamic, that would move down as the user scrolls down to view the lower part of the list but it’s “static” and locked in position in on the page. It makes the whole process of reviewing and acting on your portfolio, like reviewing and selling off sliders, very tedious.

  20. Unable to add/remove people to lists from their portfolio page
    The colors/size of fonts make it really difficult to view the site for any length of time
    The font for quick view stats is so small, other than on a regular size monitor, it is impossible to read without enlarging.

  21. I repeat many of the comments of others here in particular regarding the portfolio and shareholder windows.

    Today none of my shouts upon buying were visible – it simply showed as “undefined” on the other person’s page, and I have them on my profile too from others.

    I’m working with Chrome on a laptop.

    I’m not thrilled with the brightness either and I usually like things pretty bright.

  22. There’s a reason native apps such as eav mogul will always have their place even when great new mobile features are added to web sites.

    As good as changes might be, what will work on an iPad might not be so great on an iPhone, Android device or .

    Bear in mind the massive challenge Niall and his team are facing to get the site working across all platforms and browsers. Even when they do, I can assure you, eav mogul and the like will bring features that just aren’t possible on the site.

    The latest eav mogul iPad screen shots can be seen here: If you don’t know what eav mogul is, please have a look:

  23. Another “bug” I’ve noticed – now I’m getting logged out after inactivity and it doesn’t take us to the screen where we can enter our log in information but the main EA page instead where the only choices are to log in using Twitter or Facebook.

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