Announcing OAuth 2.0

We know many of our developers have been waiting a while on this but we have just recently released OAuth 2 for our API.  As part of this release any new applications must use OAuth. For existing applications the API client key credentials will continue to work until until Feb. 15th 2013 but we encourage any developers to migrate their apps to OAuth as soon as possible.

Documentation is available along with some long over due edits on the API Docs site ( ). New developers dashboards and authorization pages are available on Empire Avenue, and accessible at

Note: while we believe the timeframe for the switch over is sufficient for most of our developers, we know there may be exceptions. Please know that we are more than happy to help our developer community make the transition and ensure that their apps continue to work. On a case-by-case basis we will discuss extending the transition period, simply contact us. We believe this plan ensures consumers are protected quickly and also gives personalized service and flexibility for those apps that need it!


  1. Yea! Glad to see OAuth 2.0 implemented. Are there any other changes to the API? It sure would be nice to see the rate limit increased. We’re getting to the point where some users can’t even update their entire portfolio and shareholders at one time (if shareholders + portfolio > 15,000).

    And it sure would be nice to be able to get the # of EAv actions today and this week from the API. We need tools that can help us invest in ACTIVE users.


  2. Hi Paul, the API is unchanged save for the authentication changes. There is still rate limiting but we will be making adjustments to how it is calculated and OAuth will allow us a little more flexibility on a user and app level. As for additional access and features, we understand users wish more control and flexibility with the API. However, we need to be cautious that any increases or changes do no negatively affect the performance for other users including those using the Empire Avenue via the web site.

    • I have to agree with Paul. The rate limit is a problem that has kept me from becoming more serious about developing for EAv. Without changing the limits and adding new functionality, it really isn’t even worth my time to upgrade my current app to support OAuth, so I’ll probably let my app become deprecated in February.

  3. Without giving your users the option to keep using the old auth method or trying the new oauth2, you’re pretty much killing the most popular iPhone app available for Empire Avenue today. I won’t even consider adding oauth2 support to the MyEmpire app unless there are significant API enhancements to go along with it.

    • Certainly we hope the same Simon. In fact it is our hope that the move will open the door for developers who may have been hesitant because they may have had to store user credentials. Hopefully developers having issues will contact us if they encounter problems or have concerns so we can continue to improve the product.

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    • OAuth allows developers to request an special token which grants them access to your data if you authorize the application. This is how Facebook and Twitter handle access to their accounts and what is happening when you see the authorization page for applications. The advantage is that the developer never gains access to the user’s login credentials and should the user remove the authorization for the application the token obtained by the developer will stop working. Another key advantage is this transition will allow us to create finer grain control to the user and their data. For example you may only allow an application to read your profile data but not make buys or sells on your behalf.

  5. Personally, I think automation is the worst thing that has happened to Empire Avenue. No one bothers to engage on their walls anymore because all the posting is done by bots. I like being able to use automation to buy in bulk, but shout outs ruin the “social” aspect of this #sm tool.

  6. We appreciate all the feedback. I would like to reiterate that this is a change focused on ensuring security for our users and the move to OAuth will allow developers access to the API without requiring our users to share their login details. That said we are more than happy to work with developers to ensure a smooth transition and available to discuss any issues they may have, including any time contraints.

  7. misterniall, do these oauth changes pave the way for api 2.0? Or are they mainly for security purposes? I’m just trying to gauge where the whole api is going. People are asking for new functionality in MyEmpire but my hands have been tied for 2 years for any significant features due to lack of functionality in the api. People really want to send shouts, work on missions, etc., while away from a computer.

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