Mission Code Updates

Since the New Year we have been doing some house keeping and wanted to update you about some upcoming changes.  In order to improve the performance and functionality of missions we will be implementing some changes to the recent dashboard and creation process. Although most of these changes are largely database and backend code and we are not expecting any issues we understand that there maybe some hiccups and wanted to keep our users informed. If you experience any difficulties creating missions please let us know via our support channel. so we can address any problems as quickly as possible.

Along with the mission changes we will also be posting some  fixes for OAuth, thank you to Kevin Umbach for bringing the issues to our attention. Included in the OAuth updates will be some additional pages and options making it easier for mobile developers to create apps without the need to have their own endpoints, we will post updates to the API docs once the new endpoints are live.


  1. Great to see changes and updates. But replacing mission duplicate function with copy function potentially might create more issues for those who concerned about so-called mission “thieves”. Simply as it is: you can’t RT or like twice. Would you suggest not taking the copied mission? Good luck with that! 😉
    Why not to have those two great functions separately? Users then would decide which one would be better for a mission’s purpose.

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