How to Invest Like the Best

Nick the Intern here and today I am in interested in how you’ve invested!

I have been spending more time on the Social Stock Market, and I have been curious about how the Empire Avenue community networks through playing the Stock Market. I thought for this blog I would try something a little bit different and share my current investing strategy, and ask you to do the same in the comments below, or in the discussion about this blog post in the Empire Avenue General Discussion Community.

The first thing that I do every day is to invest in profiles who invest in me. Even if I cannot match their investment, I invest what I can. Everybody receives some benefit through investment, and it is a good way for me to start recognizing familiar faces in the community not to mention discover some new ones!

My second strategy is to invest in new profiles, or profiles that seem to share similar interests, or goals. My reasoning here is because I like helping people who are new to Empire Avenue, and I like finding those who share my interests.

Well, this is a short blog post, but then that’s generally what I do. To be honest I am more interested in learning from you! Leave your thoughts on how you invest in the Social Stock Market below or in the Empire Avenue General Discussion Community!

Thanks for reading, and happy investing!


  1. 1. To grow your Net Wealth, invest in Fresh Faces. Everyone enters Empire Avenue priced at 10.00(e). A stock’s price moves based on the buying(up) & selling(down) of that stock, and the Social Media activity of the player. If you make the right investments, your 10(e) can become 100(e) in less than a week.
    2. To grow your Share Price, invest in investors. When you are on the Avenue, take notice of the folks buying shares. When you visit a profile, see if the player’s portfolio holdings exceed the number of shareholders. Those are great clues. Check the profile to see if they have a policy of reciprocating investments. By purchasing someone who is actively investing you are likely to receive a reciprocal buy back. A similar Share Price also increases the odds of a buy back.
    3. To increase your daily income, buy stocks with a high ROI. ROI is the ratio between the price of the stock and the dividend that the stock pays.
    4. To keep your share price stable, reciprocate buys with your investors. Folks are much less likely to sell your shares if you can sell theirs. Nobody likes a falling share price.
    5. To stabilize your portfolio, win friends, and influence people…invest in the leader board. These are folks who understand the game and can help you. They have tons of eaves to invest massively, sponsor missions, and provide assistance in many ways.

    If you have enough eaves to do all this at the same time, Dups-the CEO of Empire Avenue is very grateful for your purchase of eaves at the shop.

  2. I use two different strategies.
    1. With respect to new users, I look at the number of networks connected, the degree in which they participate in those networks, and whether they’ve made purchases. Using these measurements, I will invest and expect both a quickly increasing stock price and a decent dividend.
    2, With respect to established users, my investments focus on dividend yields. My target is anything above .6. This allows me to use fewer eaves to “buy” dividends.

  3. Hi Nick —

    I’m really enjoying your blog updates. Keep it the great work!

    You wrote:
    “The first thing that I do every day is to invest in profiles who invest in me. Even if I cannot match their investment, I invest what I can.”

    GREAT long-term advice!

    I did this from my very first days on Empire Avenue, even when my eave count was low… and I continue to do this today.

    It’s the social thing to do, it helps you create friends and it just feels right.

    Thanks for all you do!


  4. Thanks Nick. I really share your point of view and I shall explain why:

    1. “invest in profiles who invest in me.”
    . Who else deserve the most our support and our attention then the people supporting us? Our shareholders
    . EA is the perfect platform for multi-networking. How will I convince easily someone who does not know me at all and invested in my stock, that I am a reciprocal networker if I don’t reciprocate in eaves buys at all?
    . Unless I produce awesome divs, and stay very active daily, my stock share price will plateau soon or later. How can I convince all of my shareholders not to sell for profit if I never invested any of their shares? If they sell my stock, my share price will go down and possibly bring more sells. There is no other alternative to try to prevent my stock being sold than to buy-back shareholders.
    . What can kind of image do I want to leave on this platform? That I am self-focused, picky, and assimilating people to artificial temporary values or that all people count with no exceptions?
    . Do you know someone who does not like his/her stock to be bought? I don”t… If I make my shareholders happy, will they come back? Very likely… By investing back in my shareholders, I increase my chances to have even more shares bought by them. I also show to the potential new buyers of my stock that the chances for them to get a buy-back is very high (they will see that via my profile). There fore I also increase my chances to be bought by new people…

    2. “to invest in new profiles”.
    . New profiles are cheap, therefore an easy way to grow our portfolio, connections.
    . New profiles deserve a chance. Than it’s up to them to show some interest or not., but at least we will have tried.
    . Some of the new profiles will grow a lot, and help increase our wealth and divs perceived.
    . Some of the new profiles will buy-back and become good shareholders.
    . Not all new profiles are “worth investing” at least “blind” in a rush… I recommend to look at more than just the avatar and check their networks.
    . Not all new profiles will show interest neither stay active… therefore this will bring some extra work to re-organise the portfolio once a while…
    So, investing in new profiles is much more time consuming…

    About the leaderboard suggestion, I will say that you can even skip that without sweating:
    a) many of our shareholders will be in that leaderboard already… so buying back our shareholders will do the job for some of them
    b) don’t worry if you did not invest in some of the top divs players because you can make tons of cash via the high paid missions. You will make much, much, much more like this and at no cost.
    c) the day the leaderboard non-shareholders will have a bad turn, and a red day start, they will be looking for buys trying to have their stock back in the green. They will invest in active non-shareholders… The leaderboard is full of maxi loaded peeps ; let them come to you… they will come at some point…

    If any doubt if this works, take a look at (e)DESdaughter and (e)DominOcean stocks… not doing too bad…

    For more tips, join the EAv Community trending and where we share more tips 🙂

  5. Nick I like that you have a plan. After two years at Empire and I clueless. I am flummoxed. I don’t have any idea what works, what to do that is effective and where is it ‘worth’ my time to participate. Keep us up to date on whether your plan makes a difference!

    • My plan investing on Empire Avenue is pretty simply to enjoy myself and try to meet interesting people. As long as you are having fun investing, making connections, or enjoying your time on Empire Avenue elsewhere I would say that you are being effective, and spending your time wisely! Thank you for reading!

  6. I do agree with all the ideas you have introduced for your post.
    They’re very convincing and will certainly work. Still, the posts are very short for newbies. May just you please prolong them a bit from subsequent time? Thanks for the post.

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