Games and Empire Avenue

Greetings once again Empire Avenue! Nick the Intern here, and today I am going to be talking about two of my favorite things, games and Empire Avenue! Anyone who has been in a room with me for more than thirty minutes knows that I love a good game. Whether in board, video, card, or some other battlefield of skill testing, and competition you can count on me taking an interest as long as it is engaging and fun!

Empire Avenue has a few elements that make it very similar to a game! There are various scores that help to measure your success, and Leaderboards to help you see how you “stack up” to the competition. Successful actions, and interactions are rewarded and these rewards allow you to utilize Empire Avenue for even more benefits!

While games are a great way to unwind, they don’t really provide us with anything tangible, outside of good memories, and relaxation. This isn’t the case with Empire Avenue. While Empire Avenue utilizes some game elements that help to make it engaging and competitive it also can be productive, and provide real world benefit outside of simply the joy of playing!

Being listed and investing on the Social Stock Market helps you to gain real world connections, and it is easy to stay in touch and communicate with those on Empire Avenue either through Communities, Shout Outs, or Private Messaging. You can also utilize Missions to gain exposure, or promote action for any real world cause you can think of!

So the next time you are looking to relax and enjoy a game, but are trying to avoid the guilty feeling that accompanies “goofing off” log onto Empire Avenue and get the best of both worlds!


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