Referrals: 30% Commission for the next two weeks and other details

referrals_affiliate_betaWe have several announcements today regarding the Referrals and Affiliates program that we launched into BETA.

1. 30% Commission on all purchases until January 28th 2014

Between now and January 28th 2014, all approved Referrers will receive 30% commission on any purchases made in the store (and this will include 30% commission indefinitely on signups to our Premium Accounts made during that time). If you are a Referrer, this is a very good time to test out the Beta of our Referrals and Affiliate Program and get some purchases going! We’ll be sending this via e-mail to all those who have been current approved into the Referrals and Affiliate program.

2. The Empire Avenue Referrers Community

All approved Referrers are immediately a member of the Empire Avenue Referrers Community where one of us will be around to answer questions help you with tips and give you help when you need it. Please check out the Community here. Please note, access is limited to those who are approved Referrers.

3. Thank you for the response to the Beta

Many of you have tested the portal offered through our partners HasOffers and given us some great feedback, we have implemented some of it and will continue to make sure that the experience is as good as possible. A few of you should have seen some of your commissions coming through. To thank you, we’ve backdated the 30% offer to all commissions since the start of the Beta.

We look forward to a vibrant community of Referrers and Affiliates!


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