Empire Avenue, Social Media & Twitter Networking; Grade A+ #EAv-Blogathon

If you all are not aware, Empire Avenue is a social media networking tool.

It presents as “gamified” networking, with a virtual stock market that evaluates your social media presence according to their own proprietary algorithm.

I am back on and doing well, with a “stock” price approaching 320 eaves, with strong dividends.

I lead the “recently listed” 6 week old accounts by nearly 100 eaves.@

Twitter is of course my strongest network, and according to publically available metrics I am at least in the top 1 percent of social media participants.


You can read more of Andy Kaufman’s Kavalkade Krew Wanderin Poet’s blog post here 

This is an entry in  Empire Avenue’s Blog_a_thon which takes place on 25th /29th July

To enter your blog post simply join the forum here 


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