Surviving the Changes of Empire Avenue #EAv-Blogathon

EA, as we all call it, is awesome, but now they are making things a bit more complicated: from dissing longtime members such as Michael Q. Todd, who I know has spent at least $40K on EA, and Reggie Saddler, a well loved player who shares awesome photography, to making it harder for your missions to be completed.

So many of us depend on EA to promote our work and ourselves. I do many missions for me, for Art4TheHomeless and AngelTD. When people see us being shared and supported across the web, it makes a huge difference.

So what do we do about these changes? Well, life is ever changing. You either adapt or stagnate and here’s how I’m adapting to the new missions guidelines. You can’t ask for people to share, like, or comment anymore.


You can read more of Jaye Sabri’s blog post here 

This is an entry in  Empire Avenue’s Blog_a_thon which takes place on 25th /30th July

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