Twitter API Update

We have updated our code to use Twitter’s new API v1.1.

Twitter’s v1.0 version of their API has been deprecated and will be retired March 5th 2013. (Here is the announcement from Twitter:

During this required change over we felt it was a good time to go through all of our Twitter implementation and spruce things up! One of the biggest things we noticed was that in several places we were using the term ‘Twitter Friends’ when we were actually displaying data from your ‘Twitter Followers’. Many data points have now had the wording (with sometimes improved functionality) updated to be consistent to how the data was actually being presented, ala your Twitter ‘Followers’. Heck, who is Following you is a very important part of your engagement so now the website descriptions clearly depict the data you were being presented.

Team Empire Avenue

Missions No Fee Spree

Missions Refunds

Over the weekend some users experienced delays in receiving the refunds from the unused portions of archived missions, as a result we have decided to extend the no fee period an extra couple of days.  If you were affected by the refund problem then you will have received any outstanding amounts yesterday.

Ed. – Quick addition: Date for extended Missions fees is Midnight GMT Wednesday.

New Bonus Options

New Bonus Options

More Dessert

In other news we have adjusted some of our eaves pricing now that the sale has ended, while doing it we also released some minor changes to the bonuses. Now you can grab the More Dessert in 5 or 10 uses and for the Even More Dessert you can now get a 10 or 30 pack. For users buying the Even More Dessert 30 pack we have also extended the expiry to 14 days to make sure you have more time to use them. As always you can only have one of the Even More Dessert’s active” ie. you cannot buy both the 10pack or the 30pack

Upcoming releases

UPDATE:  Due to some issues on our end there were a few users who were wrongly charged a commission on some purchases they did earlier today, specifically on user who had purchased the recent bonus.  The issue has been corrected and all those overcharged have been refunded, and to compensate for the inconvenience we have doubled the refund commission so you will have received a refund at double the rate you were charged. This will appear in your transaction history as an entry titled “Refund of innaccurate commission charges …”


Today we will be releasing A Bigger Piece of the Pie #9 to help users with encourage their investors to make them part of that pie we will be adding a new bonus, Quantitative Eaves(ing),to remove commissions for 36 hours after purchase.

Quantitative Eaves(ing)




Scheduled outage on August 11th

We have been informed by Rudiger that some of our systems need updates. As a result Empire Avenue will experience an outage on August 11, 2012 between 1 a.m. – 5 a.m. UTC  (Friday evening, August 10, 2012 8 p.m. – Midnight CT).  We hope to complete the work as quickly as possible but during this time you may find the site unavailable.  

Don’t worry though, we will have Rudiger in the engine room making sure all the blinky lights and appropriate cables are reconnected. Please check our twitter feed or the blog for any additional updates.

The Empire Ave. Team. 




Project Cleanup Update

Schedule Updated : due to some internal scheduling conflicts we are extending this release until 8am June 27th, 2012 GMT.  Most users will likely begin seeing changes soon but may experience some additional changes during this time.

As posted earlier this week we are working on a clean up and some general house keeping of to help improve the overall consistency and also address some of the issues sent to us by our great community. The roll-out of these changes will occur between 8pm GMT June 25th, 2012 and 8pm GMT June 26th, 2012.  Please check our previous post as well as this one. We would like to re-iterate that these updates are focused mainly on addressing existing issues and improving the consistency of your user experience. To help put this in perspective here are a couple of the subtle changes we are making:

New Modal Dialogs and Inline Alerts.

As you can see we our “modal” windows (those that show up for a message or action – such as investing in someone) will be changing to incorporate new alerts/error/message dialogs.  These alerts will now appear over the page and replace the old popup boxes which you might accidentally click away from or even notice. In addition, we had several types of these popups and used in different ways and will be moving to one consistent look, style and functionality.

New buttons consistency

We are cleaning up old interface elements such as buttons and inline navigation. Our concerns here are not just in consistency but overall user experience for those accessing the site on mobile devices or far-flung places. Moving to new consistent styles, CSS and scripts we will be reducing some of our load times with half the amount of data being served at times!

Old layout - would not fit properly on iPad

New Responsive Layout for mobile

A concern for many in our community was the inability for to be used easily on mobile devices. While the community has access to such great community-built applications such as MyEmpire and EAV Mogul for iOS devices, we wanted to improve the experience on any mobile device at any screen resolution. As such we have implemented a new “Responsive” layout.

As you can see from the screens here, re-sizing the site onto a different type of screen will actually resize and move around the elements. It may not be “perfect” on launch, but we certainly hope it will be better and more user-friendly. We will be improving the usefulness of the responsive layouts with time and feedback from you, our community.

These are but some of the few changes that we will be rolling out. Please again understand, this update will touch almost every page and function of the current As such, we have opted to not put in new features or enhancements. We also anticipate that there will be some bugs that will crop up and we will be working crazily post launching to ensure that they are squashed and fixed.

Project: Cleanup

As part of an ongoing effort to support you better and improve the overall consistency and user interface we have been working tirelessly to do some house keeping. As such we will be releasing a cleaned up site on June 25th.

What does this mean for you?  Well in some cases we are implementing some minor tweaks to address issues you have sent us, in others its as simple as a button made consistent throughout the site. It is important to know this is *not* a redesign or an substaintial overhaul of the site design and/or feature set as some previous Empire Avenue changes have been!

In general we are aiming for:

  •  improved consistency across platforms
  •  mobile friendly responsive layouts
  •  consistent look and feel, buttons, naming, and navigation
  •  fixes to address loading times, optimize javascript and improve general responsiveness of forms.
  • surface some functions which were buried in the recent releases (block, mute, etc)

Most importantly we are focusing are cleaning up so we improve the turn around time on bug fixes and new features for Empire Avenue.

Will there be some things you don’t like?  Well possibly but when possible we have keep things as close to how they are but tweaked a colour or fixed things as small as spacing.  Rest assured we will take your feedback into account and continue to work on improving your Empire Avenue experience.

Here you can see some of the changes to the profile, we are bringing back some navigation and making better use of the real-estate. We have also improved the search to try and make it easier to find other users on the site.

Missions Update

Well then. Missions have been ticking along quite nicely for a few months now, so it’s time we took some of your comments, feedback and suggestions and put them to work.

First up, you’ll notice that we’ve added new functionality to the Missions creation page. Now, you’ve got the ability to create missions for folks who own a bracket of shares in you, or no shares at all — they’re the only ones who can complete that mission.

For example you may want to generate new traffic for your blog by sending a bunch of people who have never interacted with you before to your most recent blog post.

Or you may want to create a Mission to check out your latest YouTube video — and make it limited to only those members who own between 100 and 300 shares in you.

Or, for that matter, you may want to create a Mission for anyone at all, no share ownership rules at all, you can do that now too!!

As well, we’ve added a couple of filtering buttons at the top of Missions. When you first arrive on the Current Missions page you’ll now land on those Missions which you can complete – they are doable. You can then view which Missions are from people in your portfolio or Missions which are globally available.

And there you have it. Missions are proving to be one of the best ways to drive engagement and activity on your social media networks.

So keep creating Missions — we are at well over 11,000 Missions created. But wait, there’s more (as they say on TV) in the coming weeks we’ll be adding even more functionality to help you find Missions that are relevant to you, watch this space.